Now Introducing 3D Matching

In 2019 we are introducing our new 3D matching system which uses a single 2D camera. Our software allows real-time 3D object detection and pose determination, without the limitations of 3D cameras or range-finding systems. Please see our software page or contact us to learn more.

Our Software


Thorium Vision Corporation was established in 2016 with one goal: developing a machine vision system useful for a large range of applications. Co-founder and senior manager, Dr. Walton Perkins, has an unparalleled 20 year background in developing machine vision systems. He was an early innovator at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and at the General Motors Technical Center. He developed computer vision systems including KEYSIGHT--a patented computer vision inspection system used to inspect millions of engine heads. Co-founder Daniel Perkins is an engineer with diverse business, engineering, and legal experience as well as fluency in object-level and system programming. Our exclusive focus is machine vision software. This contrasts dramatically with those whose main focus is providing vision hardware, with software being secondary.


Thorium Vision Corporation will license its software, Thorium Model Vision™ (TMV™), and provide any necessary modifications for a particular application. With the founder's 20 years of R&D experience, we can customize Thorium Model Vision's capabilities to meet your unique needs. If requested, Thorium Vision Corporation will also provide lighting, cameras, and computers.


Meet the founders of Thorium Vision Corporation

Dr. Walton A Perkins

Dr. Walton A Perkins

CEO, Founder

    Daniel Perkins

    Daniel Perkins

    Developer, Founder

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